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  Text 1

  W: Jack, how do you like the play?

  M: It’s a simple story with a happy ending, but, luckily, they had a very strong actor, he can manage to carry the whole play.

  Text 2

  M: Have we missed it? The man said it’s only five blocks away opposite the bank.

  W: Wait a minute, the Chinese restaurant, the national bank, there it is, the R hotel.

  Text 3

  M: Let’s meet at 20 to 5.

  W: Well. Could we make it 20 past 5?

  W: That’s a bit late for me. I could manage 10 past.

  M: OK. See you then.

  Text 4

  M: What time are we leaving for the outing?

  W: I’ll phone you tomorrow. I should have everything sorted out by then.

  Text 5

  W: Thanks for all you’ve done for me. Hey, listen, would you like to go to see a film sometime?

  M: Yeah, that’d be great. I’d love it.


  Text 6

  W: Hey, where is everybody?

  M: They took Ben to the park. Where have you been?

  W: Sorry, I’m late. I picked up the cake and it took me longer than I expected. When will the party start?

  M: Ben invited eight children from school. And they’ll arrive at about 2 in the afternoon.

  W: OK. Then I’ll put the candles on the cake and leave it in the kitchen and then I’ll come and help set the table.

  Text 7

  M: So, Macy, how was your holiday?

  W: Oh, we loved it. Tom liked Germany best, but France was my favorite.

  M: So did Rachael finally go with you?

  W: No, she wasn’t able to. She was called a way for a business trip to china,

  M: That’s a pity. So where exactly did you go and visit?

  W: Well, we traveled all over, Italy, Spain and H; we even bathe in the Swiss lake

  M: You did, really?

  Text 8

  W: Bob, I’m sure you know about second-hand smoke.

  M: Of course. I do.

  W: But have you heard about third-hand smoke?

  M: Third-hand smoke? I’m afraid not. What is that then?

  W: Well, it is here in today’s paper. Parents may think they are protecting children from second hand smoke when they smoke outside their home or only when the children are not there. But now researchers are warning about what they call third-hand smoke. When you smoke dangerous matters from cigarettes get into your hair and clothing. As babies are the weakest, when you come to a baby, you pass it to the baby and increase the chances of disease in the baby.

  M: Is that so. In that case I have to say that I should never get close to a baby.

  W: That’s right. Actually all smoking parents should do the same or better give it up completely.

  Text 9

  M: Hello, welcome to our program “Today City”. I’m Larry. We’re going to Louisville Kentucky where our guest Michelle Ray comes from. She is proud of her middle-sized city with a small town feel and big city dreams. Now, Michelle, tell us about your city.

  W: Thank you, Larry. Here is my city. Louisville is my city. The first place I take visitors from out of town is to Highland for shopping and night life. When I have delicious Asian food I always go to the Zen Garden which provides wonderful all vegetable dishes.

  M: Wow, that’s interesting. Many people go for healthy food now.

  W: You can see that again. If I want to go camping and fishing, I go to the Red River area. For completely quiet I can hide away in my house with a good book from one of our public libraries.

  M: That all sounds very exciting. I’m sure some of our listeners will include Louisville in their travel plan for their next holiday. Thank you, Michelle.

  Text 10

  M: We are glad to have Dr. Garfield to talk to us today about dreams. Let me start by asking the first question. Does everyone dream?

  W: It appears that everyone does. Mostly when people say that they never dream, what they really mean is that they don’t remember their dreams or they don’t think their dreams are important. The reason behind is that they might have been made fun with their child when they first reported their dreams or it was so frightening that they just turned off dreaming completely. The other day, someone named Davis came to me and said that he used to be a great dreamer, but suddenly he stopped having dreams. I asked him what it happened. It turned out that his brother died by heart attack and he never expected that such a terrible thing would happen to a young person. Generally, when there was some frightening event and dream about it was too terrible. People prefer not to dream about it. Actually the worst thing you can do is stop dreaming. Because it means that the bad experience would be too painful to even appear in dreams. As long as you dream about it and even the dream is frightening, your mind is working on it. My personal opinion about what dreams do is they help us deal with our problems. We say certain pleaders take pleasant dreams. When a person is hurt deep inside, when a person is seriously ill or when a person has been really sad, if people turn off their dreams totally, it means they don’t love themselves to even think about it.#p#副標題#e#


  21.B細節理解題。根據第一段中的During those moments, he transformed into a stubborn man who never considered that there could be a side other than his own.可知,作者覺得在爭吵時,父親變成了一個固執的人。故選B。

  22.D推理判斷題。根據文中When I saw the look on my father’s face, I knew that my note had melted his temper, softened his stubbornness and touched his heart.可知,作者的父親在收到作者的“Dear Daddy”便條后,很受感動。再結合后文The victory of winning my dad’s permission to go to Montreal was sweet.可知,通過用“Dear Daddy”便條和父親溝通,父親理解了她,作者最終達到了目的。故選D。

  23.A.推理判斷題。根據文章最后一段中One of my favorites was the “Dear Daddy” notes.可知,父親去世后,作者最喜歡的東西之一是“Dear Daddy”便條。再結合后文中的He surely must have seen through my calculating strategy, but he never let on; he enjoyed every note that turned him to see my way.可知,作者的父親當時很清楚作者寫這些“Dear Daddy”便條時心里的小計謀,但還是很喜歡這種方式,說明父親包容孩子,理解孩子,表明了父親對孩子無私慷慨的愛。故選A。

  24.C推理判斷題。根據第二段Westerners’ understanding of TCM, however, may be limited to acupuncture, cupping and massage(針灸,拔罐和按摩). For instance, the purple, injury-like marks left on U. S. swimmer Michael Phelps,back from cupping for the purpose of relaxing his muscles and reducing pain became the center of attention during the Rio Olympics in 2016.可知,作者提到Michael Phelps的例子是說明西方人對TCM有一點了解,但這種了解只限于針灸,拔罐和按摩。故C項正確。

  25.D細節理解題。根據第三段最后一句TCM falls far behind Western medicine owing partly to the slow development of Chinese herbs.可知,有些WHO的成員國不承認中國的草藥是因為中藥發展緩慢,遠遠落后于西藥。故D項正確。

  26.C細節理解題。根據第三段中TCM lacks standardization, with the chemical composition and functions of its medicines being unclear and their effects being unstable.可知,與西醫相比,在第4段中指出中醫的弱點是缺乏標準化。故C項正確。

  27.B細節理解題。根據最后一段第一句Another factor that has prevented the development of TCM prescription drugs is the lack of creativity.可知,中藥缺乏創造力指的是中藥是根據過去流傳下來的處方做成的。故B項正確。

  28.D細節理解題。根據文章第一段The world’s first-known nursery for baby giant manta rays(蝠鲼)has ben discovered hidden away in the Gulf of Mexico可知是在墨西哥海峽發現了蝠鲼,再根據第三段第一句In the study Mr Stewart and colleagues describe a reef(暗礁)--filled with mantas of all ages—where the sea floor runs down into deeper water.可推知它們在暗礁上,所以D正確。

  29.A細節理解題。根據第三段We think they may be feeding on specific types of zooplankton(浮游生物)there, then migrating up toward the surface, where we saw them.可知當它們游到海面時可以被看到,所以A正確。

  30.B細節理解題。根據文章第五段Fishing is considered the biggest threat to giant manta numbers, both intentional and accidental.可知他們面臨的最大威脅是人們的捕撈,所以B正確。

  31.B推理判斷題。根據文章最后一段Fishing is considered the biggest threat to giant manta numbers, both intentional and accidental.可知人類有意無意的捕殺是它們頻臨滅絕的原因。再根據最后一句while they often end up as something caught by mistake due to their huge wings.可知很多情況下人們是錯誤的捕獵了它們,因此作者是在警告人們要避免這種錯誤行為,保護蝠鲼,所以B正確。

  32.D 細節理解題。根據第二段中In poker, other players’ cards are hidden, making it an “information incomplete” game. Players have to guess opponents’ hands from their actions----tricky for computers.可知,電腦不能完全了解其他玩家的牌。故選D。

  33.B 詞義猜測題。根據第三段第一句Scientists believe it is only a matter of time before AI once againvanquisheshumans以及前面的內容可推知,科學家認為在Poker上電腦戰勝人類只是一個時間的問題。故選B。

  34.C 推理判斷題。根據第四段倒數第二句Reinforcement learning is when a machine, given a task, carries it out, learning from mistakes it makes.可知它從做任務過程中出現的錯誤中學習。故選C。

  35.A 推理判斷題。根據最后一段Today we are presenting a new procedure that has learned in a different way, more similar to how humans learn.可知,人工智能的新程序具有人類的某些特征。故選A。

  36.F本段主要講新聞媒體在美國人日常生活中的重要作用,隨處都在影響人們的生活。F項:開車去上班的路上,汽車收音機里可以聽到新聞。與begin their day和while drinking their coffee呼應,符合本段文意。故選F.




  40.G最后一段介紹美國人對新聞媒體的評價,它被認為是最有趣和令人印象深刻的,新聞媒體的真實性得到美國公眾的普遍承認和接受。G項:聽眾、觀眾或讀者可能會發現很難選擇。說明了其豐富性,與上句the most interesting and impressive等特點并列,故選G.



  41.A考查動詞。A. knew知道;B. deserved值得,應得;C. possessed擁有;D. confirmed確認,證實。根據第一句“When I was a young man I had much ego (自負)”可知,我很自負,所以我認為我什么都知道(knew)。分析選項可知A符合題意。

  42.C考查副詞辨析。A. calmly冷靜地;B. honestly誠實地;C. proudly驕傲地,自豪地;D. eagerly熱切的。根據前文可知,我很自負,認為什么都懂,所以才會驕傲地(proudly)告訴我的朋友…..。故選C項。

  43.B考查副詞辨析。A. frequently頻繁地,屢次地;B. finally最后,終于;C. suddenly突然地;D. smoothly順利地。最終大學畢業了,找工作。因此選B項。


  45.D考查固定搭配。A. fun有趣;B. regret遺憾,后悔;C. power動力,能力;D. trouble麻煩,困難。根據“instead of success, I found struggles. ”。struggle意為“難事”,可推斷出我找工作很困難。故選D項。

  46.B考查動詞辨析。A. done做;B. paid有報酬,領取報酬,領錢,付費;C. prepared準備;D. judged判斷正確的。根據“My jobs were either temporary”可知,我的工作要么是臨時的,要么是報酬差的。分析選項只有B(被付報酬),故選B項。

  47.C考查形容詞辨析。A. exhausted筋疲力盡的;B. annoyed惱怒的;C. shocked震驚的;D. embarrassed為難的,尷尬的。根據…learn that both of our sons had Autism (自閉癥),知道兩個兒子都是自閉癥,一定是很震驚的(shocked)。故選C項。

  48.D考查動詞短語辨析。A. taken charge of負責;B. paid attention to注意;C. put up with提出;D. taken care of照顧。根據上文可知,兩個孩子都有自閉癥,所以作者夫婦要照顧(taken care of)他們余生,故選D項。

  49.D考查固定搭配。have no idea為固定搭配,意為“不知道”。此句意為“我不知道為什么這事會發生在我們身上。”故選D項。

  50.B考查動詞辨析。A. agree同意,贊成;B. change改變,變化;C. struggle努力,掙扎;D. improve提高,改善。根據文章可知,以前我是一個自負的人,但隨著時間的推移,我不再自負。故可知我開始改變(change)了。故選B項。

  51.B考查動詞辨析。A. challenge挑戰;B. joy快樂;C. luck幸運,運氣;D. goal目標。我在愛的瞬間找到了快樂,故選B項。


  53.D考查動詞辨析。A. fetched取來;B. brought帶來;C. prepared準備;D. taught教。孩子們教給我的更多的是和平、耐心、歡樂和愛,這是我自己無法學會的。分析選項可知D項符合題意。

  54.C考查名詞辨析。A. theories理論;B. contents內容;C. lessons課程,經驗教訓;D. truths事實。根據前文說孩子們教會我許多東西,這是我自已無法學到的經驗教訓。可推斷出通過寫作我開始分享我學到的經驗教訓(lessons),故選C項。

  55.C考查名詞辨析。A. demand要求;B. career事業;C. purpose目的;D. world世界。我終于意識到我在這個世界上的目的與名聲和成功無關。故選C項。

  56.D考查副詞辨析。A. Therefore因此;B. Again再,又;C. Also也,和;D. Instead相反。根據前一句說在這個世界上目的與名聲和成功無關,而是與生活中的愛與陽光有關。前后兩句是相反的,故選D項。

  57.A考查固定搭配。share sth.with sb為固定搭配,意為“與某人分享某事”。本句意為“生活的目的也與我能與大家分享這些有關。”故選A。

  58.B考查人稱代詞。A. Somebody某人;B. Nobody沒人;C. Everybody每個人;D. Anybody任何人。根據前一句“You may not be happy 100% of the time.”可知,世界上沒人能一直快樂。故選B。

  59.C考查名詞辨析。A. person人;B. matter事情;C. success成功;D. experience經歷,經驗。本文中主要說自己年輕時很自負,期待成功。然而事與愿違。畢業后一直沒有成功,兩個自閉癥兒子讓作者發生了改變,雖然沒有物質上的成功,但卻從兒子身上學到了許多,也可以說是取得了超越世俗的成功(success)。而且這個success貫穿全文,故選C項。

  60.A考查動詞辨析。A. Live實踐,生存;B. Fill充滿,(使)裝滿;C. Exchange交換,互換;D. Equip裝備,配備。然后好好利用你所有的時間、日子和年歲。用愛來實踐。故選A。


  61.Built考查非謂語。分析句子_____1_____(build) over 2, 200 years ago in what is now Sichuan Province in Southwest China, this amazing engineering…本句是省略句,其邏輯主語是主句的主語This amazing engineering,動詞build與它是被動關系。根據時間狀語“over 2, 200 years ago”推斷出,動作已發生并表被動。故要用過去分詞built。句意:2, 200多年前在現在的中國西南部的四川省,建造了這個驚人的工程。故填Built

  62.achievement考查名詞。分析句子this amazing engineering_____2_____(achieve) is still used today.可知,本句中的achieve被形容詞amazing engineering修飾,且在句子中作主語,所以要用名詞形式。而achieve是動詞,故用其名詞形式 achievement。

  63.suffered考查謂語動詞。句意:在古代,都江堰現在所處的地區曾遭受了來自閩江河泛濫的洪水。本句中的時間狀語In ancient times,可知要用一般過去時。故用suffered。

  64.To help考查目的狀語。句意:為了幫助洪災的受害者,地區州長李兵和他的兒子決定找到解決它的辦法。由此可知,本句是表示目的的。故用動詞不定式。

  65.Better考查固定搭配。句意:沿玉里山在山的不同的高度,李設計了一系列渠道,會引走洪水,同時讓河流自然流動。更好的是,多余的水可以直接送到干燥的成都平原。根據句意可知,兩句話是遞進關系。并且Better still,為固定搭配,意為“更好的是”,所以用good的比較級better

  66.it考查代詞。更好的是,多余的水可以被引導到干燥的成都平原,使它(額外的水)適合農業灌溉。分析句子可知,本空指的是前面 the extra water多余的水,水是不可數名詞,要用it,故本空填it。

  67.peacefully考查副詞辨析。分析句子no more floods occurred and the people were able to live ____7____(peaceful).可知,本句的形容詞peaceful在句子中修飾動詞live,修飾動詞要用副詞,故填 peacefully。句意:再也沒發生洪水,人民能夠和平地生活。

  68.where考查定語從句的關系詞。分析句子Unlike modern dams___8___ the water is blocked with a huge wall可知,句中的 modern dams是先行詞,在后面的定語從句中作狀語,放入從句中為the water is blocked with a huge wall in modern dams,因此要用where。

  69.enabling考查非謂語。句意:都江堰仍然允許水自然流經閩江河,使生態系統…。分析句子Dujiangyan still lets water flow through the Minjiang River naturally,___9___ (enable) ecosystem。可知Dujiangyan still lets water flow through the Minjiang River naturally,是主句,自然而然導出下面的內容,而enable與前面的句子是主動關系,要用動詞ing形式作結果狀語。故運用enabling。

  70.in考查固定搭配。in hamony為固定搭配,意為“和諧無間,和諧”,故填in。句意:都江堰仍然允許水自然流經閩江河,使生態系統和魚類和諧相處。



  考查時態。由時間狀語Last Friday,判斷出是發生在過去的事情,用一般過去時,所以have改成had。



  考查副詞。句意為此外,他們還可以為其他的用途省錢。表示“此外”,所以Beside改成 Besides。

  考查名詞單復數。被other修飾,所以用名詞復數,purpose改成 purposes。


  考查固定句型。would rather do寧愿…,是固定句型,所以刪去to。




  Dear Peter,

  Glad to hear that you are going to take a trip to China this August.Welcome!As I know,you are always interested in Chinese culture and want to learn some Chinese.Therefore,I suggest that you choose Chinese daily dlalogues as a start,like greeting people, asking for directions and bargaining for souvenirs,which can help you a lot during your trip.

  Learning a foreign language needs great efforts.Apparently,I’d like to be your Teacher and send you an e-book wit my teaching schedule later.Besides,Let’s have an online class over the internet every weekend,through which I will try my best to make your learning easier and surely you can speak some fluent Chinese before your arrival.

  Looking forward to your early reply.


  Li Hua

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